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Opinion | The D.C. curfew battle underscores the sad truths about kids and crime - The Washington Post

We must get into the homes and the communities — the environments in which troubled youth are being raised.

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Carolyn Hax: Parent craves support after busting teen for smoking pot - The Washington Post

A parent who disciplined their teen for this is hesitant to talk to parent friends about it.

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How will travel be affected during the time of national mourning for the Queen? | The Independent

Exclusive: At least two UK airlines and one hotel chain are offering flexibility to travellers with existing bookings who need to change

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Fact Check Team: More cities implement teen curfews with crime on the rise | WPMI

Cities across the country seeing a rise in crime with some officials saying that much of the violence is being committed by juveniles.The National Desk’s Fact C

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The policy is set to end on Sept. 6, according to officials.